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COMMERCIAL projects take effective planning, inclusive of trained employees and competent sub-contractors, to complete on time and within budget. Our management team together with field staff implements a complete range of services that make this happen. At Build-Source Corp., we understand the importance of completing projects expeditiously, while building a high quality job.



There is no substitute for paying attention to detail. RESIDENTIAL projects require experience, craftsmanship and a great deal of coordination. Our team will work with your architects, designers and decorators to make sure every aspect of the job is completely synchronized. We are building your home and will deliver nothing less than a perfectly completed project.


There is no substitute for experience, skill and planning. We combine these attributes to carefully prepare and build your unique project. If you have a project that requires special skills, knowledge and capability, Build-Source Corp. is your contractor. Give us a call and you will see how we have the ability to completely understand and build your project We have trained and skilled personnel that will work with you hand in hand the whole way through.

HOSPITALS & MEDICAL FACILITIES are unique work environments. We have over 18 years experience and have completed over 200 various facilities for our clients. At Build-Source Corp., we stress safety and complete awareness of hospital patients, staff and vistors while completing your project. We know the importance of planning, implementation and performance while in such senstive environments, and have all the necessary experience, trained staff and qualified sub-contractors to provide you with construction services.

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